07 marzo 2008

GNOME Commander v1.2.5

Il team di GNOME Commander annuncia con orgoglio la nuova versione stabile di GNOME Commander: 1.2.5.. Questa versione ha un lungo elenco di bug risolti, e alcune nuove funzionalità degni di nota:

  • New support of various metadata in advanced file rename templates.
  • Metadata tags in file properties dialog.
  • Use of the GNOME authentication manager for user's security credentials
  • Open terminal in the current directory
  • Default GNOME theme icons for home, SMB and FTP locations
  • User defined shortcuts to bookmarks
  • Send files via email or instant messenger (using nautilus-sendto)
  • Updated help docs
  • New or updated translations: ar, bg, cs, de, dz, eo, es, eu, fr, oc, pl, pt_BR, ro, sl, sv
  • New key bindings:
    • CTRL+LEFT/RIGHT Copying the current working directory from the active filelist to the inactive one
    • CTRL+N Open new connection to remote server (replaces the old CTRL+G)

Read the Latest release news for more details about fixed bugs.

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