03 giugno 2008

I Simpsons & Red Hat Linux

E' noto che in molti film e serie animate si fa"buon uso"di software libero e nello specifico GNU/Linux. Questo succede anche per la creazione di uno dei più famosi cartoni animati del mondo, come ci spiega Joel Cohen, scrittore e produttore associato dei Simpsons. Qui sotto l'intervista rilasciata al Red Hat Magazine in cui ci spiega come e in che modo è utilizzato Red Hat Linux per la creazione di questo cartone:

Can you explain how The Simpsons used Linux?

Well, before I answer this, I first will admit to being only a writer and consequently both ignorant and in awe of our animators and their process. That said, based on conversations with them, I am willing to commit to the following answer:

The show is all hand-drawn and digitally animated, and the movie was too. However, because we were writing and re-writing the movie at such a furious pace, the scenes we would write needed to be seen and approved or revised (or often rejected) before they committed to the very labor-intensive process of hand drawing the cels.

For that purpose, crudely animated scenes were produced with Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Linux animation technology, so our animators were able to show us these scenes incredibly quickly. Once a scene or piece of a scene was approved, it would begin the more traditional animation route; however, the volume and speed of material that was created for the movie could never have been done without that Red Hat-fueled system.

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