28 agosto 2008

The first Debian Lenny live CDs (beta)

Il team del progetto Debian Live, ha annunciato in un messaggio la prima versione di Debian Lenny Live cd (beta). Le immagini sono disponibili per AMD64/I386.
C'è solo da scegliere l'ambiente grafico, tra Gnome ,KDE e XFCE. Altrimenti è disponibile anche una piccola immagine senza ambiente grafico .

Download: Debian "Lenny" Beta 1 i386 (ISO).

Hash: SHA1

Debian Live Lenny Beta1

The Debian Live team[0] is pleased to announce the first beta of Debian
Lenny's Live images.

Although we missed releasing images for Etch along with the installer
images, we are now prepared to release live images within the regular
Lenny release process. This is the first official release of Debian Live
and the whole team has been working hard during the past 2.5 years[1] to
make Debian's own[2] live systems become a reality.

Nevertheless, we do need your help to find more bugs and improve the
live systems, so please try them out. The images are available at:


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