19 dicembre 2008

Advanced Gnome Menu 0.8.2

Nuovo aggiornamento di AGM siamo alla versione 0.8.2


# Menu Icon is now customizable, and has a customizable left-click action.
# Menu icon is now properly scaled. It will no longer stretch your images awkwardly
# Folder menu items now have fast option buttons which enable you to "open a terminal at the folder's location" or to open a folder as root.
# There is now an execute bar similar to "Alt+f2", (except for tab completion)
# It is now possible to use AGM without a compositing window manager (Safe Mode)
# The installer script will now create default configuration files if none exist
# There is now an uninstall script.
# There is now an update script which synchronizes your local copy with AGM Subversion
# AGM is now hosted on Google Code: http://code.google.com/p/advancedgnomemenu/ with a subversion repository
# AGM now has a google group: http://code.google.com/p/advancedgnomemenu/
# The configuration interface is getting simpler. Expect even more simplification, and sensible defaults.

Non conosci il progetto ?. Qui i miei post su AGM

Ubuntu download(Deb package)
download(Source code)
download(Theme directory)
download(Script updater (update the program to the last svn)

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Ciao e Buon Natale da FolleRumba!

Brus46 ha detto...

è uscita la 0.8.3 ;)

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