29 gennaio 2009

Advanced Gnome Menu 0.8.3

Nuovissimo aggiornamento per AGM siamo alla 0.8.3.
Ecco cosa cambia:

  • Configuration interface is now simplified and neater, without sacrificing much configurability. Focus was on saner defaults.
  • Menu positioning is now more like a typical menu. The menu now appears relative to where it was launched.
  • You can edit GNOME Menu's by right-clicking AGM now. AGM inherits whatever changes you make to the menus.
  • The entry widgets on the menu now blend more into the background.
  • The menu icon can now be used to display the icon of your current position in the menu tree (Smart top icon)
  • Favourite apps will inherit the system icon if you do not supply a custom one.
  • AGM is now translatable. Currently available is US and UK English, as well as Italian (we're looking for translators in others languages)
  • AGM now has a new and more convenient favourite apps config window.
  • As you browse the menu, a new history bar enables you to jump back to any part of the menu tree for your current session
  • AGM is now borderless.
  • AGM correctly hides when it loses focus.

Ubuntu(Deb package)

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5 commenti:

Brus46 ha detto...

Metti uno screen della nuova versione ;)

nino ha detto...

ciao scusa se lascio un commento ot, ma mi piacerebbe sapere come si chiama il set di icone che si vede nell'immagine


su610 ha detto...

Nino questa è una domanda da fare a Brus46..
Quindi aspettiamo una risposta da Brus46

sentinella86 ha detto...

hydroxygen_iconset-->gnome look

Ma quel menù celeste mi ricorda qualcosa??? :-P

nino ha detto...

grazie gentilissimi :-)