14 aprile 2009

Sabayon Linux x86/x86-64 4.1 GNOME

"Sabayon LiveDVD è stato progettato per trasformare un computer in un potente Gentoo Linux in meno di 5 minuti"

Con il rilascio di Sabayon 4.1, basato su Sabayon 4 LiteMCE si è puntato alla semplicità e alla leggerezza, usa come da titolo il desktop Gnome di default.

Altre caratteristiche:

* Based on Sabayon Linux 4 LiteMCE
* Halved Hard Disk footprint, <2GB ISO image
* Custom Linux Kernel
* Ext4 is now the default filesystem
* Complete GNOME 2.24 flavour (2.26 available through Entropy)
* OpenOffice 3.0.1
* Compiz and Compiz Fusion 0.8.2
* X.Org 7.4 supporting AMD and NVIDIA latest video cards
* Multimedia applications (audio, video, dvd ripping, file sharing)
* Media Center Mode, transforming your Sabayon in a complete Multimedia platform thanks to XBMC
* Entropy Package Manager 0.52.8, ready for 0.8x
* World of Goo Demo - best 2D game ever!
* Sexiest Skin ever!

Major Changes since Sabayon 4:
* Smaller disk footprint, faster load times
* Improved memory usage under GNOME
* Improved boot speed
* Improved DVD drive detection on Live boot
* Fully working PolicyKit and ConsoleKit environment
* New Linux kernel
* NetworkManager 0.7
* Compiz and Compiz Fusion 0.8.2
* GRUB now supports UUID
* Shipped with Vi (the *editor*)
* Merged all the Entropy Sabayon repository updates
* Split KDE and GNOME flavours (Sabayon 4.1 KDE will be released in one week)
* Installer now detects other Linux distributions
* Installer now defaults on ext4 on new installs
* Installer now features an improved usability and installation speed
* Fresh, unmatched artwork and skin

Qui l'annuncio ufficiale e la pagina per il download..

Gabriel ti fai sfuggire queste notizie....

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